Atlantic performance plus two stroke oil

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Performance Plus 2T is an Ultra High Performance Fully Synthetic two stroke engine oil. This product has been manufactured using Polyisobutylene (PIB) and Fully Synthetic Esters to produce an environmentally friendly (low smoke) two stroke oil for the most demanding applications.

Performance Plus 2T is suitable for use in Ultra High Performance Motorcycles and Go-Karts especially those equipped with Rotax racing engines. The product meets the highest JASO specification of FD making it suitable for use in all Japanese Two Stroke Motor Cycles. Performance Plus 2T has been engineered to meet Husqvarna Chain Saw requirements and has been designed to offer the highest protection in all industrial two stroke equipment.

  • Premium low ash, low smoke formulation
  • Maximises engine life
  • Protects against ring sticking
  • Excellent anti scuff properties
  • Tailored specifically for extreme applications
  • Recommended for use in Rotax engines
  • Designed for use in ultra-high performance Motorcycles and Go-Karts
  • Perfect for home and industrial two stroke equipment

Husqvarna 346 & 372 Chainsaw Engine Tests
Rotax 253 Snowmobile Engines