Egan Performance Filter Kit MS500/MS661

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Working in conjunction With Jason from Egan Performance Saws we are proud to be able to offer these high flow filter kits here in Australia.
This filter kit is smaller than the previous model so there is now a gap between the filter and the oem filter cover. This allows for better airflow around the entire filter, and more time between filter cleanings (see photos). 

This air filter kit includes one filter cage (Egan Performance Saws, made in USA) and one pre-oiled Uni Filter (CF 0690 - made in Australia), as well as one o-ring that fits around the knob that secures the cover to the saw.  (See photos showing how to install this o-ring on the knob)

This kit is designed to fit under the OEM air filter cover on Stihl models 500 and 661.  Testing has shown that the Uni Filter does a better job of filtering out fine particulates than the OEM filter, while also improving performance.
Please refer to the video here ( Air Filter Kit (Stihl 500 & 661) – EganPerformanceSaws for proper installation tips.

Please note: on 661s, the round black plastic piece that's underneath the oem filter will need to be removed prior to installing this filter kit.

Due to Crazy shipping prices and slow shipping stock is limited at the moment but we will do our best to keep them coming in